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Just a list over which Doctor Who audios I've listened to and such, mostly for my own benefit.

I should make a list like this for actual TV episodes as well, but not today.

Stuff I've listened to in bold.

Monthly releases

#Series SortedTitleAuthorDoctorFeaturingReleased
17ZThe Sirens of TimeNicholas Briggs5th, 6th, 7thJuly 1999
26PAPhantasmagoriaMark Gatiss5thTurloughOctober 1999
36ZAWhispers of TerrorJustin Richards6thPeriNovember 1999
46CAThe Land of the DeadStephen Cole5thNyssaJanuary 2000
57RThe FearmongerJonathan Blum7thAceFebruary 2000
67CAThe Marian ConspiracyJacqueline Rayner6thEvelynMarch 2000
77SThe Genocide Machine
Dalek Empire, Part 1
Mike Tucker7thAce, DaleksApril 2000
86QARed DawnJustin Richards5thPeri, Ice WarriorsMay 2000
97CBThe Spectre of Lanyon MoorNicholas Pegg6thEvelyn, BrigadierJune 2000
106CBWinter for the AdeptAndrew Cartmel5thNyssaJuly 2000
117CCThe Apocalypse Element
Dalek Empire, Part 2
Stephen Cole6thEvelyn, Romana II, DaleksAugust 2000
127FAThe Fires of VulcanSteve Lyons7thMelSeptember 2000
13SS1The Shadow of the ScourgePaul Cornell7thAce, BennyNovember 2000
14SS2The Holy TerrorRobert Shearman6thFrobisherNovember 2000
156CCThe Mutant Phase
Dalek Empire, Part 3
Nicholas Briggs5thNyssa, Daleks, ThalsDecember 2000
168BStorm WarningAlan Barnes8thCharleyJanuary 2001
178CSword of OrionNicholas Briggs8thCharley, CybermenFebruary 2001
188DThe Stones of VenicePaul Magrs8thCharleyMarch 2001
198EMinuet in HellAlan W. Lear
Gary Russell
8thCharley, BrigadierApril 2001
206PBLoups-GarouxMarc Platt5thTurloughMay 2001
217TDust BreedingMike Tucker7thAce, The MasterJune 2001
227CDBloodtideJonathan Morris6thEvelyn, SiluriansJuly 2001
237CEProject: TwilightCavan Scott
Mark Wright
6thEvelyn, NimrodAugust 2001
246QBThe Eye of the ScorpionIain McLaughlin5thPeri, ErimemSeptember 2001
257UColditzSteve Lyons7thAce, KleinOctober 2001
266CDPrimevalLance Parkin5thNyssaNovember 2001
277CRThe One DoctorGareth Roberts
Clayton Hickman
6thMelDecember 2001
288FInvaders from MarsMark Gatiss8thCharleyJanuary 2002
298GThe Chimes of MidnightRobert Shearman8thCharleyFebruary 2002
308HSeasons of FearPaul Cornell
Caroline Symcox
8thCharley, NimonMarch 2002
318JEmbrace the DarknessNicholas Briggs8thCharleyApril 2002
328KThe Time of the Daleks
Dalek Empire, Part 4
Justin Richards8thCharley, DaleksMay 2002
338LNeverlandAlan Barnes8thCharley, Romana II, RassilonJune 2002
346CESpare PartsMarc Platt5thNyssa, CybermenJuly 2002
356ZB…ishPhil Pascoe6thPeriAugust 2002
367VThe RaptureJoseph Lidster7thAceSeptember 2002
377CFThe SandmanSimon A. Forward6thEvelynOctober 2002
386QCThe Church and the CrownCavan Scott
Mark Wright
5thPeri, ErimemNovember 2002
397EABang-Bang-a-Boom!Gareth Roberts
Clayton Hickman
7thMelDecember 2002
407CGJubileeRobert Shearman6thEvelyn, DaleksJanuary 2003
416QDNekromanteiaAusten Atkinson5thPeri, ErimemFebruary 2003
42SS4The Dark FlameTrevor Baxendale7thAce, BennyMarch 2003
437CHDoctor Who and the PiratesJacqueline Rayner6thEvelynApril 2003
446CFCreatures of BeautyNicholas Briggs5thNyssaMay 2003
457CJ & 7XProject: LazarusCavan Scott
Mark Wright
6th, 7thEvelyn, NimrodJune 2003
467EBFlip-FlopJonathan Morris7thMelJuly 2003
476EAOmegaNev Fountain5thOmegaAugust 2003
486WADavrosLance Parkin6thDavrosSeptember 2003
497YMasterJoseph Lidster7thThe MasterOctober 2003
508MZagreusGary Russell
Alan Barnes
3rd, 5th, 6th,
7th, 8th
Charley, Romana II, Leela, K-9, RassilonNovember 2003
51SS5The WormeryStephen Cole
Paul Magrs
6thIris WildthymeNovember 2003
528NScherzoRobert Shearman8thCharleyDecember 2003
538PThe Creed of the KromonPhilip Martin8thCharley, C'rizzJanuary 2004
548QThe Natural History of FearJim Mortimore8thCharley, C'rizzFebruary 2004
558RThe Twilight KingdomWill Shindler8thCharley, C'rizzMarch 2004
566QEThe Axis of InsanitySimon Furman5thPeri, ErimemApril 2004
577CKArrangements for WarPaul Sutton6thEvelynMay 2004
587WThe HarvestDan Abnett7thAce, Hex, CybermenJune 2004
596QFThe Roof of the WorldAdrian Rigelsford5thPeri, ErimemJuly 2004
607CLMedicinal PurposesRobert Ross6thEvelynAugust 2004
618SFaith StealerGraham Duff8thCharley, C'rizzSeptember 2004
628TThe LastGary Hopkins8thCharley, C'rizzOctober 2004
638UCaerdroiaLloyd Rose8thCharley, C'rizzNovember 2004
648VThe Next LifeAlan Barnes
Gary Russell
8thCharley, C'rizz, RassilonDecember 2004
657CSThe JuggernautsScott Alan Woodard6thMel, Davros, Daleks, MechonoidsJanuary 2005
666CGThe GameDarin Henry5thNyssaFebruary 2005
677WADreamtimeSimon A. Forward7thAce, HexMarch 2005
687CTCatch-1782Alison Lawson6thMelApril 2005
696QGThree's A CrowdColin Brake5thPeri, ErimemMay 2005
707DAUnregenerate!David A. McIntee7thMelJune 2005
716QHThe Council of NicaeaCaroline Symcox5thPeri, ErimemJuly 2005
728WTerror FirmaJoseph Lidster8thCharley, C'rizz, Samson and Gemma Griffin, Davros, DaleksAugust 2005
737CUThicker than WaterPaul Sutton6thMel, EvelynSeptember 2005
747WBLIVE 34James Parsons
Andrew Stirling-Brown
7thAce, HexSeptember 2005
758XScaredy CatWill Shindler8thCharley, C'rizzOctober 2005
766PCSingularityJames Swallow5thTurloughNovember 2005
778YOther LivesGary Hopkins8thCharley, C'rizzDecember 2005
787CMAPier PressureRobert Ross6thEvelynJanuary 2006
797WCNight ThoughtsEdward Young7thAce, HexFebruary 2006
808YATime WorksSteve Lyons8thCharley, C'rizzMarch 2006
816QIThe KingmakerNev Fountain5thPeri, ErimemApril 2006
827WDThe SettlingSimon Guerrier7thAce, HexMay 2006
838YBSomething InsideTrevor Baxendale8thCharley, C'rizzJune 2006
847CMBThe Nowhere PlaceNicholas Briggs6thEvelynJuly 2006
857DBRedStewart Sheargold7thMelAugust 2006
866ZCThe ReapingJoseph Lidster6thPeri, CybermenSeptember 2006
876QJThe GatheringJoseph Lidster5thTegan, CybermenSeptember 2006
888YCMemory LaneEddie Robson8thCharley, C'rizzOctober 2006
897WENo Man's LandMartin Day7thAce, HexNovember 2006
906YAYear of the PigMatthew Sweet6thPeriDecember 2006
916CHCircular Time
  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Autumn
  4. Winter
Paul Cornell
Mike Maddox
5thNyssa, KamelionJanuary 2007
927WFNocturneDan Abnett7thAce, HexFebruary 2007
936CIRenaissance of the Daleksfrom a story by Christopher H. Bidmead5thNyssa, DaleksMarch 2007
947C preAAI.D. &
Urgent Calls
Eddie Robson6thApril 2007
956QAAExotron &
Urban Myths
Paul Sutton5thPeriMay 2007
967ZAValhallaMarc Platt7thJune 2007
977CVThe Wishing Beast &
The Vanity Box
Paul Magrs6thMelJuly 2007
987ZBFrozen TimeNicholas Briggs7thIce WarriorsAugust 2007
996QKSon of the DragonSteve Lyons5thPeri, ErimemSeptember 2007
  1. 100 BC
  2. My Own Private Wolfgang
  3. Bedtime Story
  4. The 100 Days of the Doctor
  1. Jacqueline Rayner
  2. Rob Shearman
  3. Joseph Lidster
  4. Paul Cornell
6thEvelynSeptember 2007
1018YDAbsolutionScott Alan Woodard8thCharley, C'rizzOctober 2007
1026QL &
The Mind's Eye &
Mission of the Viyrans
Colin Brake &
Nicholas Briggs
5thPeri, Erimem &
Peri, Viyrans
November 2007
1038YEThe Girl Who Never WasAlan Barnes8thCharley, CybermenDecember 2007
1046QMThe Bride of PeladonBarnaby Edwards5thPeri, Erimem, Ice Warriors, OsiranJanuary 2008
1057CPAThe CondemnedEddie Robson6thCharley, DI MenziesFebruary 2008
1067WGThe Dark HusbandDavid Quantick7thAce, HexMarch 2008
1076CKThe Haunting of Thomas BrewsterJonathan Morris5thNyssa, BrewsterApril 2008
1087CMDAssassin in the LimelightRobert Ross6thEvelynMay 2008
1097ZCThe Death Collectors &
Spider's Shadow
Stewart Sheargold7thJune 2008
1106CLThe Boy That Time ForgotPaul Magrs5thNyssa, Brewster, AdricJuly 2008
1117CPBThe Doomwood CurseJacqueline Rayner6thCharleyAugust 2008
1127ZDKingdom of Silver &
James Swallow7thCybermenSeptember 2008
1136CMTime Reef &
A Perfect World
Marc Platt &
Jonathan Morris
5thNyssa, BrewsterSeptember 2008
1147CPCBrotherhood of the DaleksAlan Barnes6thCharley, Daleks, ThalsOctober 2008
1157WHForty Five
  1. False Gods
  2. Order of Simplicity
  3. Casualties of War
  4. The Word Lord
  1. Mark Morris
  2. Nick Scovell
  3. Mark Michalowski
  4. Steven Hall
7thAce, Hex, Nobody No-OneNovember 2008
1167CPEThe Raincloud ManEddie Robson6thCharley, DI MenziesDecember 2008
1176RAThe Judgement of Isskar
Key2Time, Part 1
Simon Guerrier5thAmy, Zara, Ice WarriorsJanuary 2009
1186RBThe Destroyer of Delights
Key2Time, Part 2
Jonathan Clements5thAmy, Black Guardian, White GuardianFebruary 2009
1196RCThe Chaos Pool
Key2Time, Part 3
Peter Anghelides5thAmy, Zara, Black Guardian, White Guardian, Romana IIMarch 2009
1207WJThe Magic MousetrapMatthew Sweet7thAce, Hex,
Celestial Toymaker
April 2009
1217WKEnemy of the DaleksDavid Bishop7thAce, Hex, DaleksMay 2009
1227WLThe Angel of ScutariPaul Sutton7thAce, HexJune 2009
1238ZThe Company of Friends
  1. Benny's Story
  2. Fitz's Story
  3. Izzy's Story
  4. Mary's Story
  1. Lance Parkin
  2. Stephen Cole
  3. Alan Barnes
  4. Jonathan Morris
8th~ Benny
~ Fitz
~ Izzy
~ Mary Shelley
July 2009
1247CPFPatient ZeroNicholas Briggs6thCharley, Mila, Daleks, ViyransAugust 2009
1257CPGPaper CutsMarc Platt6thCharley, Mila, DraconiansSeptember 2009
1267CPHBlue Forgotten PlanetNicholas Briggs6thCharley, Mila, ViyransLate September 2009
1276CNCastle of FearAlan Barnes5thNyssa, RutansOctober 2009
1286COThe Eternal SummerJonathan Morris5thNyssa,
Maxwell Edison
November 2009
1296CPPlague of the DaleksMark Morris5thNyssa, DaleksDecember 2009
1307ZEA Thousand Tiny WingsAndy Lane7thKleinJanuary 2010
1317ZG &
Survival of the Fittest &
Klein's Story
Jonathan Clements
John Ainsworth & Lee Mansfield
7th, 8th
KleinFebruary 2010
1327ZHThe Architects of HistorySteve Lyons7thKlein, Rachel CooperMarch 2010
1337CPICity of SpiresSimon Bovey6thJamieApril 2010
1347CPJThe Wreck of the TitanBarnaby Edwards6thJamieMay 2010
1357CPKLegend of the CybermenMike Maddox6thJamie, Zoe, CybermenJune 2010
1366HACobwebsJonathan Morris5thNyssa, Tegan, TurloughJuly 2010
1376HBThe Whispering ForestStephen Cole5thNyssa, Tegan, TurloughAugust 2010
1386HCThe Cradle of the SnakeMarc Platt5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, MaraSeptember 2010
1397WMProject: DestinyCavan Scott & Mark Wright7thAce, Hex, Nimrod, AristedesSeptember 2010
1407WNA Death in the FamilySteven Hall7thAce, Hex, Evelyn, Nobody No-OneOctober 2010
1417WOLurkers at Sunlight's EdgeMarty Ross7thAce, HexNovember 2010
1426CQThe Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories
  1. The Demons of Red Lodge
  2. The Entropy Composition
  3. Doing Time
  4. Special Features
  1. Jason Arnopp
  2. Rick Briggs
  3. William Gallagher
  4. John Dorney
5thNyssaDecember 2010
1437CNAThe Crimes of Thomas BrewsterJonathan Morris6thEvelyn, Brewster, Flip, DI MenziesJanuary 2011
1447CNBThe Feast of AxosMike Maddox6thEvelyn, Brewster, AxosFebruary 2011
1457CNCIndustrial EvolutionEddie Robson6thEvelyn, BrewsterMarch 2011
1466HDHeroes of SontarAlan Barnes5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, SontaransApril 2011
1476HEKiss of DeathStephen Cole5thNyssa, Tegan, TurloughMay 2011
1486HFRat TrapTony Lee5thNyssa, Tegan, TurloughJune 2011
1497ZAARobophobiaNicholas Briggs7thVoc RobotsJuly 2011
1506ZAARecorded Time and Other Stories
  1. Recorded Time
  2. Paradoxicide
  3. A Most Excellent Match
  4. Question Marks
  1. Catherine Harvey
  2. Richard Dinnick
  3. Matt Fitton
  4. Philip Lawrence
6thPeriAugust 2011
1517ZABThe Doomsday QuatrainEmma Beeby & Gordon Rennie7thSeptember 2011
1527ZACHouse of Blue FireMark Morris7thSallySeptember 2011
1538AAAThe Silver TurkMarc Platt8thMary Shelley, CybermenOctober 2011
1548AAB (8ZB*)The Witch from the WellRick Briggs8thMary ShelleyNovember 2011
1558AAC (8ZC**)Army of DeathJason Arnopp8thMary ShelleyDecember 2011
1567CNAAThe Curse of DavrosJonathan Morris6thFlip, Davros, DaleksJanuary 2012
1577CNABThe Fourth WallJohn Dorney6thFlipFebruary 2012
1587CNACWirrn IsleWilliam Gallagher6thFlip, WirrnMarch 2012
1596HGThe Emerald TigerBarnaby Edwards5thNyssa, Tegan, TurloughApril 2012
1606HHThe Jupiter ConjunctionEddie Robson5thNyssa, Tegan, TurloughMay 2012
1616HIThe Butcher of BrisbaneMarc Platt5thNyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Magnus GreelJune 2012
1627W/AAProtect and SurviveJonathan Morris7thAce, HexJuly 2012
1637W/ABBlack and WhiteMatt Fitton7thAce, Hex, Aristedes, SallyAugust 2012
1647W/ACGods and MonstersMike Maddox & Alan Barnes7thAce, Hex, Aristedes, Sally, Fenric, HaemovoresSeptember 2012
165TBAThe Burning PrinceJohn Dorney5thSeptember 2012
1667C preAA-3The Acheron PulseRick Briggs6thOctober 2012
1677Z/IThe Shadow HeartJonathan Morris7thNovember 2012
1686CR1001 Nights
  1. TBA
  2. TBA
  3. TBA
  4. TBA
  1. Emma Beeby
  2. Gordon Rennie
  3. Jonathan Barnes
  4. Catherine Harvey
5thNyssaDecember 2012
169TBAThe Wrong DoctorsMatt Fitton6thMelJanuary 2013
170TBASpaceport FearWilliam Gallagher6thMelFebruary 2013
171TBAThe Seeds of WarMatt Fitton and Nicholas Briggs6thMelMarch 2013

The Eighth Doctor Adventures

Series 1

1Blood of the Daleks Part 1Steve LyonsLucie Miller, DaleksDecember 2006
2Blood of the Daleks Part 2Steve LyonsLucie Miller, DaleksJanuary 2007
3Horror of Glam RockPaul MagrsLucie MillerJanuary 2007
4Immortal BelovedJonathan ClementsLucie MillerJanuary 2007
5PhobosEddie RobsonLucie MillerJanuary 2007
6No More LiesPaul SuttonLucie MillerFebruary 2007
7Human Resources Part 1Eddie RobsonLucie Miller, The HeadhunterFebruary 2007
8Human Resources Part 2Eddie RobsonLucie Miller, The Headhunter, CybermenFebruary 2007

Series 2

1Dead LondonPat MillsLucie MillerJanuary 2008
2Max WarpJonathan MorrisLucie MillerFebruary 2008
3Brave New TownJonathan ClementsLucie Miller, AutonsMarch 2008
4The Skull of SobekMarc PlattLucie MillerApril 2008
5Grand Theft CosmosEddie RobsonLucie Miller, The HeadhunterMay 2008
6The Zygon Who Fell to EarthPaul MagrsLucie Miller, ZygonsJune 2008
7Sisters of the Flame Part 1Nicholas BriggsLucie MillerJuly 2008
8Vengeance of Morbius Part 2Nicholas BriggsLucie Miller, MorbiusAugust 2008

Series 3

1OrbisAlan Barnes, Nicholas BriggsLucie Miller, The HeadhunterMarch 2009
2HothouseJonathan MorrisLucie Miller, KrynoidApril 2009
3The Beast of OrlokBarnaby EdwardsLucie MillerMay 2009
4Wirrn DawnNicholas BriggsLucie Miller, WirrnJune 2009
5The ScapegoatPat MillsLucie MillerJuly 2009
6The CannibalistsJonathan MorrisLucie MillerAugust 2009
7The Eight Truths Part 1Eddie RobsonLucie Miller, The HeadhunterSeptember 2009
8Worldwide Web Part 2Eddie RobsonLucie Miller, The Headhunter, The Eight LegsOctober 2009

Series 4

1Death in BlackpoolAlan BarnesLucie Miller, ZygonsDecember 2009
2Situation VacantEddie RobsonTamsin DrewJuly 2010
3NevermoreAlan BarnesTamsin DrewAugust 2010
4The Book of KellsBarnaby EdwardsTamsin Drew, The Monk, Lucie MillerSeptember 2010
5Deimos Part 1Jonathan MorrisTamsin Drew, Ice WarriorsOctober 2010
6The Resurrection of Mars Part 2Jonathan MorrisTamsin Drew, Ice Warriors, Lucie Miller, The MonkNovember 2010
7Relative DimensionsMarc PlattLucie Miller, Susan Foreman, Alex CampbellDecember 2010
8Prisoner of the SunEddie RobsonJanuary 2011
9Lucie Miller Part 1Nicholas BriggsLucie Miller, Tamsin Drew, Susan Foreman, Alex Campbell, The Monk, DaleksFebruary 2011
10To the Death Part 2Nicholas BriggsLucie Miller, Tamsin Drew, Susan Foreman, Alex Campbell, The Monk, DaleksMarch 2011

Box Set #1 - Dark Eyes

1The Great WarNicholas BriggsMolly O'SullivanNovember 2012
2FugitivesNicholas BriggsMolly O'SullivanNovember 2012
3Tangled WebNicholas BriggsMolly O'SullivanNovember 2012
4'X' and the DaleksNicholas BriggsMolly O'Sullivan, DaleksNovember 2012

Other stuff, special releases, etc:
Living Legend  Scott Gray    8th Doctor    Charley    November 2003

And uhh, The Runaway Train, read by Matt Smith. And... Probably something else too. Oh, the Torchwood Lost Files. I'll make proper lists for that stuff later. It's not actually Big Finish though, so.

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