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Watched all his TV eps, but am just starting his audios. Have read some comics but have to track down to see what they're called.

116Castrovalva4 episodes
ST6The Comet's TailShort Story
ST21ResonanceShort Story
MA29Cold FusionNovel
ST9The ImmortalsShort Story
117Four to Doomsday4 episodes
A83On the Planet IsopterusComic
118Kinda4 episodes
ST20First BornShort Story
119The Visitation4 episodes
BBCP26Divided LoyaltiesNovel
A82The Key of VagaShort Story
A82Planet of FearShort Story
120Black Orchid2 episodes
ST14In the TARDIS: Christmas DayShort Story
ST5Hearts of StoneShort Story
CC14The Darkening Eye2 episodes
121Earthshock4 episodes
ST19The WakeShort Story
122Time-Flight4 episodes
BBCP65Empire of DeathNovel
ST6Long TermShort Story
ST13Artificial IntelligenceShort Story
DEC2Lonely DaysShort Story
BF04Land of the Dead4 episodes
DEC3Past ReckoningShort Story
BF10Winter for the Adept4 episodes
BF15The Mutant Phase4 episodes
BF26Primeval4 episodes
ST1The Parliament of RatsShort Story
ST2The Eternity ContractShort Story
BF34Spare Parts4 episodes
ST7ConfabulaShort Story
BF44Creatures of Beauty4 episodes
ST12Not So Much a Programme, More a Way of LifeShort Story
BF66The Game6 episodes
ST15The 57thShort Story
ST17SaturnShort Story
ST18The Church of Saint SebastianShort Story
BF91Circular Time [Spring, Summer, Autumn]4 episodes
DWMThe Tides of TimeComic
DWMStars Fell on StockbridgeComic
DWMThe Stockbridge HorrorComic
DWMLunar LagoonComic
DWM4-Dimensional VistasComic
DWMThe ModeratorComic
ST23Suspension and DisbeliefShort Story
BF93Renaissance of the Daleks4 episodes
BF103aReturn to the Web Planet1 episode
ST27God Send Me Well to KeepShort Story
ST28TweakerShort Story
BF107The Haunting of Thomas Brewster4 episodes
CC18aThe Three Companions [Brewster's Story]12 episodes
BF110The Boy That Time Forgot4 episodes
BF113Time Reef3 episodes
BF113aA Perfect World1 episode
BF127Castle of Fear4 episodes
BF128The Eternal Summer4 episodes
BF129Plague of the Daleks4 episodes
BF142The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories4 episodes
123Arc of Infinity4 episodes
BF47Omega4 episodes
BF165The Burning Prince
4 episodes
BF6EB/AThe Elite
4 episodes
4 episodes
BF6EB/CThe Children of Seth
4 episodes
BBCP58Fear of the DarkNovel
DEC1Lackaday ExpressShort Story
BBCP13Zeta MajorNovel
MA22The Sands of TimeNovel
A83Danger Down BelowShort Story
A83The God MachineShort Story
A83The Armageddon CrysalisShort Story
A83The HavenShort Story
A83The PenaltyShort Story
A83Night Flight to NowhereShort Story
ST6Soul MateShort Story
ST8No ExitShort Story
ST27Goths and RobbersShort Story
ST23Men of the EarthShort Story
124Snakedance4 episodes
DWMBlood InvocationComic
MA01Goth OperaNovel
125Mawdryn Undead4 episodes
126Terminus4 episodes
127Enlightenment4 episodes
CC27aFreakshow2 episodes
BF136Cobwebs4 episodes
BF137The Whispering Forest4 episodes
BF138The Cradle of the Snake4 episodes
BF146Heroes of Sontar4 episodes
BF147Kiss of Death4 episodes
BF148Rat Trap4 episodes
BF159The Emerald Tiger
4 episodes
BF160The Jupiter Conjuction
4 episodes
BF161The Butcher of Brisbane
4 episodes
128The King's Demons2 episodes
ST20Falling From Xi'anShort Story
ST28GudokShort Story
MA04The Crystal BucephalusNovel
129The Five DoctorsTV-Movie
ST14LilyShort Story
BF01The Sirens of Time4 episodes
ST5QualiaShort Story
ST10Lant LandShort Story
ST11The Assassin's StoryShort Story
ST19The Velvet DarkShort Story
CC25Ringpullworld2 episodes
130Warriors of the Deep4 episodes
BBCP20Deep BlueNovel
131The Awakening2 episodes
BBCP37The King of TerrorNovel
A84The Oxaqua IncidentShort Story
A84Winter on MesiqueShort Story
A84Class 4 RenegadeShort Story
A84The NemertinesShort Story
A84FungusShort Story
DWMThe Lunar StrangersComic
132Frontios4 episodes
ST19Life After QuethShort Story
ST25Keeping it RealShort Story
BFE1Excelis Dawns2 episodes
A84The Creation of CamelotShort Story
---Time Crash1 episode
ST18RomeShort Story
ST14Last Minute ShoppingShort Story
133Resurrection of the Daleks2 episodes
MA17Lords of the StormNovel
A84The Volcanis DealShort Story
DEC3ZeitgeistShort Story
BF02Phantasmagoria4 episodes
BF20Loups-Garoux4 episodes
BF76Singularity4 episodes
BBCP34Imperial MoonNovel
ST9White Man's BurdenShort Story
ST10ObservationShort Story
ST12FlashpointShort Story
ST16One Wednesday AfternoonShort Story
ST18Comforts of HomeShort Story
ST24The Misadventure of Mark ThorneShort Story
ST24PiecemealShort Story
ST25Do You Believe in the Krampus?Short Story
ST26One Step Forward, Two Steps BackShort Story
134Planet of Fire4 episodes
ST4Five Card DrawShort Story
ST8Light at the End of the TunnelShort Story
ST19Black and WhiteShort Story
ST20The Church of FootballShort Story
ST23Leap SecondShort Story
ST2Hot IceShort Story
BF08Red Dawn4 episodes
BF95Exotron3 episodes
BF95aUrban Myths1 episode
BBCP03The Ultimate TreasureNovel
ST3A Town Called EternityShort Story
ST5The Canvey AngelsShort Story
ST14Never Seen CairoShort Story
ST16A Life in the DayShort Story
BF24The Eye of the Scorpion4 episodes
BF38The Church and the Crown4 episodes
DWM3No Place Like Home1 episode
BF41Nekromanteia4 episodes
TEL14Blood and HopeNovella
BF56The Axis of Insanity4 episodes
ST9Graham Dilley Saves the WorldShort Story
BF59The Roof of the World4 episodes
ST11The Gangster's StoryShort Story
BF69Three's a Crowd 4 episodes
BF71The Council of Nicaea4 episodes
BF81The Kingmaker4 episodes
DWM6The Veiled Leopard2 episodes
BF87The Gathering2 episodes
ST24There's Something About MaryShort Story
DWM7Cuddlesome1 episode
BF142aThe Four Doctors1 episode
BF99Son of the Dragon4 episodes
BF102The Mind's Eye3 episodes
ST25Far Away in a MangerShort Story
BF104The Bride of Peladon4 episodes
BF102aMission of the Viyrans1 episode
ST28MethuselahShort Story
BF117The Judgement of Isskar4 episodes
BF118The Destroyer of Delights4 episodes
BF119The Chaos Pool4 episodes
DWMThe Curse of the ScarabComic
DEC1FascinationShort Story
BBCP43Superior BeingsNovel
CC39Peri and the Piscon Paradox2 episodes
135The Caves of Androzani4 episodes
BF91Circular Time [Winter]4 episodes
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